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Making the Air You Breathe Safer

Genesis Air has been improving air quality all over the world since 2003. We do not just filter pollutants out of the air, we oxidize them. How do we accomplish this? Through a process called Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO).

Our PCO panels oxidize airborne pollutants, pathogens, and other harmful particles.

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Our goal is to provide your building with the best air quality possible. We have worked with hospitals, airports, casinos, schools, and city, state, and Federal governments to vastly improve indoor air quality and promote better health and productivity.

Why Choose Us?

Our goal is to significantly improve IAQ in various applications, from hospitals to airports. Our approach is to use the best possible technology to do more than filter bad particles from the air. Our equipment uses powerful and groundbreaking technology to accomplish our goals. Key benefits of our IAQ equipment include:

  • Significant reduction of microbiological elements (viruses, bacteria and fungi / mold)
  • Reduction of organic odors caused by VOCs like engine exhaust fumes
  • Minimal maintenance and longer lifecycle than other air cleaning technologies
  • Available in a variety of configurations
  • Easily retrofit into existing air handling systems
  • Factory engineered and installed TCACS Trane options available
  • Curb-mounted for use with existing and new rooftop packaged systems
  • Portable and duct-mounted versions

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See where Genesis Air has been trusted to improve IAQ in all corners of the globe.

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What We Are NOT:

We Are Not an Air Filter Company

Our technology does more than just break down what is in the air. Our advanced oxidation process reduces organic airborne pollutants on contact.

We are NOT ionizers

We do not believe in pumping a room full of reactive oxygen species or magnetizing particulate so that it sticks to unwanted places like walls, medical instruments, or even lung tissue. We believe in removing contaminants from the environment.

We are NOT ozone generators

The EPA has exposed these products for what they are: potentially dangerous to people, pets, plants, and latex rubber, to name a few. Our technology surpasses the oxidizing effect of ozone without the irritation or danger.

We are NOT collectors or concentrators of gaseous elements

We have advanced beyond activated carbon as the primary technology for removal of vapor-phase contaminants. We use Photocatalysis, which oxidizes and converts toxic substances to benign. We avoid unwanted, irritating desorption or flammability, due to concentration.

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