City, State, and Federal Applications

Improve Indoor Air Quality with Genesis Air

For when performance matters. City, State, Federal and DoD applications.

  • Need to meet High Performance and Sustainable Building Requirements?
  • Genesis Air Panels perform.
  • How about DoD Antiterrorism Criteria? Using genesis Air Panels, Standard 18 requirements can be satisfied without turning off AHUs.
  • Need L.E.E.D. points? We can deliver up to three.

Why You Should Choose Genesis Air

When You Choose Genesis Air you’re getting quality PCO equipment that provides clean air with efficiency. When choosing us you benefit from the following:

  • Sustainability - Our panels require no monthly or even quarterly maintenance.
  • Lifecycle Costs - Some parts in our machines can be cleaned and reused instead of replaced.
  • Integrity of Design - Our Products are built to last even in the most busiest of buildings with high occupancies.

Cities, States, and Federal Buildings Benefitting From Genesis Air:

  • George Bush Presidential Library, Texas
  • Lackland AFB Canine Training Facility, Texas
  • Margaret Chase Smith Federal Building, Maine
  • National Archives and Records Administration, Missouri
  • Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C.
  • 914 Airlift Wing Fire and Crash Rescue Station, New York

Start Improving Your Indoor Air Quality