How can Genesis panels help with Covid 19?

The panels can destroy the COVID-19 particles found in droplet nuclei by creating a free radical in the form of reactive oxygen species namely hydroxyl radicals. The panel breaks them down as they pass through the OH field that is generated. The panels are scalable and simple to place in most airstreams. They are safe to use in occupied spaces. Point: The ROS created in the panel, OH has a half-life of 1/10 to the -10th second. Therefore, it does not migrate into the occupied space. The ROS is a very powerful one. As with any free radical (oxidant), tissue is damaged or destroyed by overwhelming the natural defenses (antioxidants). This process is not limited to a specific organism. Where the reaction takes place is a real concern. It all happens safely within the panel.

Air filters, including High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters have been used for many years in heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Some are very effective in trapping particles like pollen and dust. Unfortunately, they cannot trap minute particles like viruses, most bacteria, and mold spores that breed in the dark moist interiors of HVAC cooling coils and drain pans, which are located downstream of filters. There is also a problem with fungal spores growing and multiplying in damp HEPA filter material. When this happens, the filter can increase the number of spores in the room or the building. Ultraviolet germicidal devices radiate powerful UVC light onto the coils and drain pans inside the air-conditioning system where mold and other odor and disease-causing organisms breed. The UVC light inactivates and gradually vaporizes this microbial growth on the coils. In the air stream at 500 fpm, it simply does not have enough dwell time to inactivate all the biologics that come within the energy of the light.