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2008 pcp compound.jpg

The PCP Compound utilizes the entire airstream when installed in either the duct work or in the most accepted location--the air handler itself. The Genesis Air PCP Compound Photocatalyst System is used to reduce airborne biologics and VOCs in an airstream. In many cases, it's a convenient choice for gas phase filtration in place of adsorbent systems. With a .05 pressure drop across the catalyst at 500 fpm you don't have the traditional pressure drop you see in charcoal bed systems. And with a 15-year catalyst life, life cycle costs are considerably reduced with the PCP series.

  • .05 inches of pressure drop @ 500 fpm

  • 15-year catalyst lifespan

  • Renewable Surface

  • No Ozone

  • Third Party Tested

  • UL, EPA certificates

  • 120 volts 60 hrtz Contact engineering for amp draw specs


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