Residential Applications

Provide Your Family with the Cleanest Air Possible

Do you know how clean the air in your home is? Without the use of advanced testing methods, you might not be aware that your home’s IAQ is dangerously poor. Genesis Air is here to not just improve your home’s IAQ, but keep it that way.

Keep Your Family Safe and Healthy with Better Air Quality

While it might not seem like your home is at risk, the truth is that IAQ is impossible to evaluate with the naked eye. Many harmful airborne pollutants and pathogens are invisible and can come from multiple sources.

IAQ isn’t an indicator of how clean you keep your home; you can work tirelessly to keep your home clean but still have poor IAQ. That’s why a PCO unit from Genesis Air is the perfect solution – our products destroy harmful particles, not just collect and filter them.

Start Improving Your Indoor Air Quality