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Infectious Events effecting us now

Headlines: Ebola, Enterovirus, H1N1, MERS......

Ebola Airborne?

CDC Forced to Admit that Ebola Might Be Spread to Healthcare Workers through Coughing and Sneezing

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Genesis Air In the News

Medical Center Goes Green for Expansion and Renovation

Genesis Air Portable Units listed: California Certified Air Cleaning Device by CARB

California Air Resources Board


St. Luke’s Hospital at The Vintage Reduces Risk associated with Airborne Hospital Acquired Infections

Development of Assessment Protocols For Security Measures - A Scoping Study October Final Report NCEMBT-091027


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Featured Install

John Muier Medical Center

Walnut Creek, CA

Atlanta Medical

Atlanta, GA


Orlando, FL


JFK Airport

Delta Terminal

George W Bush Presidential Library

Dallas, TX

New Castle Casino

New Castle, OK

SeaWorld's Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin

This attraction marks the largest, most ambitious expansion in SeaWorld's nearly 50-year history. It's also the park's first foray into creating a fully immersive land from scratch, the latest trend at major theme parks. The 6,125-square-foot habitat area houses Gentoo, King, Rockhopper and Adelie penguins that move freely between the rocky terrain and 170,000-gallon pool. Making them comfy takes 20,000 pounds of snow a day, blown in from snowmaking machines installed above the exhibit. To recreate a cold, dry climate suitable for penguins in hot, humid Florida, designers used airtight doors, humidifiers and air purification.

"If you were concerned about smell, don’t worry, SeaWorld has installed a state-of-the-art air filtration system which prevents just that."

Orlando United

St. Joseph's Hospital

Tampa, Florida



Genesis Air incorporates a revolutionary technology


to reduce airborne biologics and Volatile Organic Compounds

Three-step, synergistic approach to achieve air quality like never before!
Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO)
Proven, leading-edge technology.
Rationalized design for application-specific products.
Safe - no ozone or by-products, no accumulation of chemical contaminants;

converts toxic substances to benign.
Value-priced, low maintenance costs, long-life components


Advanced Filtration

  • Removes even particles you can't see. New, high-efficiency, high-capacity, low resistance particle filter reduces most pollen, mold, mildew, house dust, bacteria, pet dander and many other, allergens and irritants.

Ultraviolet Lamps

  • Provides energy for the photo-catalytic process


Genesis Air Photocatalysis

  • Produces hydroxyl radicals:
  • Hydroxyl radicals are a natural cleansing agent found in the troposphere.
  • Hydroxyl radicals reduce and oxidize biologics in the air stream such as mold, bacteria and viruses.
  • Hydroxyl radicals do not migrate in to the occupied space. GAP™ safely and effectively reduces biologics and concentrations of Volatile Organic Compounds.




FIFRA.....EPA Est. No. 87447--TX--001

2006 D & L... FIFRA.....EPA Est.No.... 8901--NV--001

California Air Resources Board

( CARB ) G-11-040

OSP-0307-10 (California Seismic Test)  



We are NOT ionizers. We do not believe in magnetizing dirt so that it sticks in unwanted places,

like draperies, walls or even lung tissue. We believe in removing contaminants, not rearranging them.

We are NOT ozone generators. The EPA has exposed these products for what they are -

potentially dangerous to people, pets, plants and latex rubber, to name a few. Our technology

surpasses the oxidizing effect of ozone, without the irritation or danger.

We are NOT collectors or concentrators of gaseous elements. We have advanced beyond

activated carbon as the primary technology for removal of vapor-phase contaminants.

We use Photocatalysis, which oxidizes and converts toxic substances to benign.

We avoid unwanted, irritating desorption or flammability, due to concentration.



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